1701 -Contemporary extension of a villa in in Geneva

The owners wanted to increase their living space by building a minimalist extension to their house.
The planned extension aims to create more generous living spaces and open them up to the garden. To achieve this, several changes are planned:

- Moving the kitchen: The existing kitchen will be moved to the side of the garden. This will enable the owners to enjoy the view of the garden while preparing meals. In addition, it will facilitate access to outdoor spaces for al fresco dining.

- Living room extension: The extension will enlarge the existing living room. This will create a more spacious living area for family and guests. The exterior walls of the extension feature large bay windows to maximize natural light and connection with the garden.

- Covered terrace: A covered terrace will follow on from the new kitchen. This terrace offers a shaded and protected outdoor space, ideal for al fresco dining, relaxing activities or simply enjoying nature.